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High-speed rail production-study cooperation information

 Information of Industry –University Cooperation with the High Speed Rail
NKUHT Launches New Index for Industry-University Cooperation with Taiwanese High Speed Rail
Build a platform connecting university education with the employment market and jointly cooperate for the quality cultivation of frontline transport service personnel
Journalist Jiao Enyong, reporting at Kaohsiung To improve teaching quality, build up the students’ capability in primary courses and promote the seamless connection of industry and university to realize the post-graduation goal of employment, the department of airline and transport service management, NKUHT, together with the railway operation office of Taiwan’s High-Speed Rail Co., Ltd launched a ceremony for industry-university cooperation in order to build that platform connecting university education with the employment market and jointly cooperate for the quality cultivation of frontline transport service personnel.
The department of airline and transport service management, NKUHT is the first department of the airline management and service profession which aims at cultivating essential service and management talents for both flight and ground services required by airlines and bears the responsibility of cultivating essential service personnel and reserved management talents for flight service, ground service (transport service, ticket service, and reservations) and flight affairs. However, under the influence of the all-inclusive world economy and the opening of the high-speed rail, the results have impacted the domestic western air transport market. At the time of the market change, various Taiwanese transport service industries were all emulating the high-quality service standard of the airline business, such as waitress service listed in flight service level of international liners, national road transportation companies referring to the flight service standards of airlines and engaging in train service and reception, liner-type tourism trains promoted by the Taiwan Railway Administration, taking cabin service flow into train service, etc. In recent years, the government has also actively promoted tourism to increase by double the plan and has opened many beneficial policies for mainland Chinese people traveling to Taiwan, which will certainly bring a large amount of labor requirement to the transport services.To cope with the diverse development of society and the industry, the departmentchanged its name to the department of airline and transport service management in August 2008, and in addition to the existing airline fields, it even seeks to enter into the high speed rail industry, the representative field ofland transportation with the highest quality. Doctor Yang Cheng-Hua, associate professor and department director, indicates that with the changes of the macro environment, the department not only enlarged its cooperative scope with Taiwan’s high-speed rail, but also gradually broke the past habit of only cooperating with domestic airlines to actively enlarge the pool from which to obtain cooperative opportunities with foreign airlines with international flight basis (e.g. Cathay Pacific Airways and Dragon Air) and further develop other opportunities for industry-university cooperation. NKUHT achieves joint authorization with the IATA and UFTAA to found the first authorized training center in Taiwan this semester and to open primary courses for a diploma of tourism. Students taking this course and passing the test will be granted with the IATA/UFTAA professional certificate (world recognized). We hope to enhance schooling features and market competitiveness through professional segments and models of domestic teaching excellence. 
In the cooperation ceremony, president and Doctor Rong Jiye emphasized in his speech that Taiwan’s High-speed Rail company is a famous business with influence and is a transport service model in Taiwan. As for the university, the industry-university cooperation can thoroughly improve the teaching content of the department of airline and transport service management and better combine with the focus requirements of the industry by conforming to the workplace requirements and increasing industry-university interaction and students’ employment opportunities. Lin Peng, vice general manager of operations office of Taiwan’s High-speed Rail, mentions that currently in Taiwan’s High-speed Rail Company, of every four service personnel (including train conductors) there is one graduate from NKUHT, while in every ten station personnel there is one graduate from NKUHT. To the industry, educational cooperation with the academic circle and an industry-university exchange can systematically integrate different research energies and service thoughts in both of the industry-university parties, as well as promote the inclusive qualities of domestic transport service personnel.



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